Behind the hottest spot award, see how Arbos tract

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Behind the red dot award: see how Arbos tractor successively conquers the international judges

behind the red dot award: see how Arbos tractor successively conquers the international judges

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fixture 1 has not been well solved. Recently, the "2017 red dot design award" held by the North Rhine Westphalia German design center was officially announced. Apos P5000 Series tractors developed by Lovol heavy industries Europe successfully won the award. It is reported that this is the first and only product to win the "red dot award" in the field of domestic agricultural equipment, and Arbos tractor has also become one of the few agricultural machinery products in the world to be included in the award

Arbos tractor is sowing seeds.

the red dot design award originated in 1955, with more than 17000 entries each year. It is one of the most respected design competitions in the world, known as the "international industrial design Oscar"

the selection standard of the red dot award is rigorous. About 40 outstanding design experts from all fields around the world are invited to join the jury to carefully select and operate the participating products on site within three days. The evaluation indicators include the degree of innovation, modeling quality, practical functions and environmental protection

"the red dot award is another important honor for Lovol heavy industries' global development. Behind the international recognition of Arbos tractor is Lovol heavy industries' innovation, manufacturing level and international strategic layout in agricultural machinery manufacturing industry. It is Lovol's pioneer image in global development and leading the upgrading of China's high-end agricultural machinery manufacturing." Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, said

behind the glory: Lovol global scientific and technological innovation bonus

founded in 1998, Lovol heavy industries has always adhered to the globalization strategy in recent years, took the initiative to go out, set up R & D centers in Europe, integrated international high-end human and technological resources, and built a global R & D system

fortunately, after several years of strategic layout, Lovol heavy industry has entered the "harvest season" since 2015. In that year, in the competition with top international brands, Arbos tractor won the first international award of domestic agricultural machinery products, "silver medal of tractor of the year in Europe"; On November 9, 2016, at the eima International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Bologna, Italy, the Gordoni tractor from the LoVo apos group was awarded the silver medal of the European tractor of the year by the jury. Domestically, Lovol Arbos tractor has recently won the gold medal of the first "governor's Cup" industrial design competition in Shandong Province and the first prize of the first "mayor's Cup" industrial design competition in Weifang City

from the silver medal of tractor of the year in Europe, to the top red dot award, and then to the domestic awards, how does apos tractor do it

according to Lovol heavy industries, Arbos tractor is a power shift product with completely independent intellectual property rights, which has been successfully developed by Lovol heavy industries' European R & D team for five years with a total investment of more than 1billion yuan, and has obtained more than 30 domestic and foreign patents. The strong support and foundation behind it is the technological innovation system of Lovol heavy industries to synchronize with the world

wangguimin believes that industrial innovative design is actually to find the "pain point" of users, that is, people's needs and effectively meet their needs with innovative technical means

Lovol heavy industries' European R & D team cooperates closely with the domestic team to have an in-depth insight into the pain points of domestic tractor products in ergonomics, intellectualization, etc., take the demand side as the starting point, define the product around the needs of users' usage habits, working conditions, etc., and introduce the advanced concept of automotive engineering into the R & D of agricultural machinery products, organically integrate industry, design, innovation, and integrate "high appearance" and practicality

like the R & D of apos cab, apos tractor has an excellent driving experience in driving safety, comfort, operating vision, etc. through the application of advanced concepts such as automotive engineering. During driving, the noise in the traditional cab generally exceeds 93 dB, and the excellent man-machine design of this product can control the sound in dB, which is almost the sound of our daily communication

Arbos tractor adopts a new self-developed power shift technology, which simplifies the complex operation process into simple button operation through the electronic control system, and the operation is simple and easy. It is equipped with world-class power shift transmission system and corresponding electronic and electrical architecture, as well as automatic navigation/driverless and other automatic operation technology modules. The application of this series of suggestions in the south of Anyang, close to the traffic arteries, such as sensing, remote sensing, electronic control and other technologies, can not only match the full series of composite work tools, realize the personalized customization of user needs, but also promote the energy conservation, environmental protection and safety of the operation process of Arbos tractor, so that this "intelligent tractor" stands at a new height of Chinese agricultural machinery and brings a brand-new product experience to the majority of users

once, technologies such as "power shift" of apos tractors were beyond the reach of Chinese agricultural machinery manufacturers. Now, through the "brain borrowing and intelligence" on a global scale and the integration of international high-end human and intellectual resources, Lovol heavy industry has not only achieved a counter attack on the foreign high-end agricultural machinery manufacturing industry in the past, but also objectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the local agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

Arbos tractor is in operation

leading the evolution from "made in China" to "made in China"

in Lovol heavy industry's view, China is a large agricultural machinery manufacturing country, but it is not a strong agricultural machinery manufacturing country. The lack of basic core technology and weak scientific and technological innovation ability are still the main bottlenecks that restrict the "transformation from big to strong" of China's agricultural machinery manufacturing

in order to break through many bottlenecks restricting the technological upgrading of agricultural machinery products, Lovol heavy industries takes 3% - 5% of its sales revenue as R & D funds every year, and has invested more than 3 billion yuan in R & D funds since 2010

at the same time, it took the initiative to go out, set up a research and development center in Europe, integrated international high-end human and technical resources, and built a global research and development system. It has successively integrated more than 400 research and development personnel with international agricultural equipment technology background in Europe, and set up a research and development team, which is mainly responsible for the research and development of new technology platform tractors, large feed grain harvesters and large agricultural machinery, Lovol heavy industry has also gathered a highland of domestic agricultural machinery scientific and technological innovation talents. It also invested a lot of money to prepare for the establishment of the agricultural machinery high-end intelligent manufacturing R & D and trial production test center with the largest scale, the most complete functions and the strongest ability in the domestic agricultural machinery industry, and created an independent innovation system covering R & D, procurement, testing, trial production and manufacturing with the same technical level as the world, forming an industry-leading scientific and technological innovation ability

Lovol heavy industries' apos Europe headquarters is located in Italy, which is a place where many century old brands with international influence have been bred. Dozens of kilometers away from its northwest is the hometown of Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and other top sports car brands. One step away is the headquarters of Keith NEWHOLLAND. In addition to learning and inheriting the profound heritage of these European brands, although the General Election Bill of the executive chair was not passed by the Legislative Council, Lovol heavy industries successfully integrated the experience accumulated by the overseas designer team of the European R & D Center for many years in the design process of agricultural machinery products, such as R & D design, manufacturing technology, quality control and so on

at present, the innovation and development of star products of Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment have begun to achieve "internationalization", for example, the protagonist of this time, Arbos tractor

at the same time, technological innovation has become the "soft power" of Lovol brand competition. Recently, among the 2016 national key R & D projects announced by the high technology research and development center of the Ministry of science and technology, Lovol heavy industries led the application, including the project of "Research on Key Technologies of intelligent heavy tractors and development of complete machines", three key special scientific and technological innovation projects of "intelligent agricultural machinery equipment" were approved by the national key R & D plan, Lovol heavy industry has become the agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise that undertakes the most national key R & D projects in the industry

"let scientific and technological innovation become the main engine of piloting Lovol's high-end intelligent manufacturing. Lovol heavy industry will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, and rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading and achieve the goal of the world's leading brand of off-road walking machinery and equipment." Wang Guimin said

brand leapfrogging in the context of supply side reform

"in the process of realizing the company's globalization strategy, the scientific and technological innovation system should clarify product planning, accelerate the breakthrough of core technology and quality, improve design quality and product reliability, and finally realize the transformation and upgrading of the company's products to medium and high-end under the background of 'supply side reform'." Wang Guimin, chairman and general manager of Lovol heavy industries, said at the 2016 scientific and technological innovation summary and commendation conference

the so-called supply side structural reform is to promote industrial restructuring through scientific and technological innovation, reduce ineffective and low-end supply, expand effective and medium to high-end supply, and better meet the changing needs of the market

since 2013, Lovol heavy industries has determined the business idea of "subtraction before addition". At that time, there was no supply side structural reform, but Lovol's transformation path was very consistent with the later theory

throughout the supply side reform journey of Lovol heavy industry, it is a reform from scale orientation to pursuing growth quality. The three main axes of transformation are product leadership, efficiency drive and global operation

now, under the characteristic development mode of "European R & D, global manufacturing and global distribution", Lovol heavy industries has deepened the "Four Transformations" through the strategic layout of global resources - "the transformation of enterprises from manufacturing to manufacturing services, the transformation of technology from global low-end to global medium and high-end, the transformation of products from small to large, and the transformation of the market from domestic to global", which has promoted the sustained and steady development of its business, Lovol brand influence continues to rise

however, Wang Guimin also admitted that the rapid development of China's agricultural machinery industry in the past still cannot hide its weakness in the field of high-end agricultural machinery equipment. Local agricultural machinery enterprises have been at a disadvantage in the global competition for high-end products, and their international market competitiveness is weak, so they can hardly enter the European and American markets. Especially at present, China's economy is in the "new normal" period of medium and low-speed growth, and the agricultural equipment industry has also entered a new period of supply side reform. Simply relying on imitation and following strategy cannot change the common problems of low development level and serious homogenization in the agricultural machinery industry. Without developing good products, nothing can be said, let alone market competitiveness

based on this thinking, Lovol heavy industries has invested a high cost in product research and development every year since 2010 to ensure the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements

it is also because of innovation that Lovol heavy industries can always understand the needs of users at the first time, and provide users with efficient and reliable products and services through the transformation of technical achievements. Today, through its continuous "product innovation" and "business model innovation", Lovol heavy industry has been able to provide full mechanized solutions for agricultural production from land consolidation, cultivation, harvest to plant protection and drying. Its products cover power shift tractors, large harvesters, precision seeders, balers, dryers, plant protection machinery and other fields

Arbos tractors are in operation

"under the guidance of the national 'made in China 2025' strategic policy, Lovol heavy industry is taking the lead in the supply side reform of China's agricultural equipment industry

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