The hottest Sichuan made UAVs gather in Zhuhai Air

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"Made in Sichuan" unmanned aerial vehicles get together at Zhuhai Air Show

original title: "made in Sichuan" unmanned aerial vehicles get together at Zhuhai Air Show

TC UAV of tengdun technology. Photographed by Wu Chuanming


on November 11, the 12th China International Aerospace Expo came to an end in Zhuhai. In addition to the stunning debut of star models such as j-10b thrust vector verification aircraft, UAV is undoubtedly another highlight of this air show

this year's exhibition of unmanned aerial vehicles, both in terms of quantity and type, can be called the most in previous years. What is more worth mentioning is that the "made in Sichuan" UAV has a particularly brilliant performance. From military industry, state-owned enterprises to private enterprises, new products are displayed at the Sichuan UAV enterprise air show

new products are piled up "made in Sichuan" to lead technological innovation

at this air show, Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute of aviation industry of China launched the "pterodactyl" family, but the high-speed export growth that has lasted for many years has triggered a new member of the increasingly fierce trade friction aircraft - the pterodactyl ⅰ -d UAV with a fully composite body

pterodactyl ⅰ -d is the first full body composite UAV independently developed in China. "The proportion of composite materials in the body reaches about 75%." Li Yidong, chief designer of the pterodactyl series UAV, said that the large proportion of composite materials reduces the weight of the body, and also has stronger corrosion resistance, which can adapt to more complex environments

Sichuan private enterprises are also constantly leading the innovation of UAV technology. "We have brought two new products that will lead to great changes in the industry." At the air show, Ren bin, chairman of Chengdu Zongheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd., said that the reason why he said "you" came from a previous innovation

industrial UAVs mostly use fixed wings. Although they are more stable, they need to take off and land on a "runway", which has more application restrictions than AD converters. Can the fixed wing UAV take off and land vertically? In 2015, Chengdu Zongheng developed cw-20 Dapeng UAV, which adopts the form of multiple rotors and fixed wings, creating a precedent for the industrialization of vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing UAV

in this air show, Ren bin brought two new products, which can not only make the fixed wing UAV hover in the air for about 20 minutes, but also realize the take-off and landing of mobile platforms. A video on the booth kept playing: a drone took off from the deck of a law enforcement ship. After completing the patrol task, it was easy to find the moving ship and land on the deck stably. "No matter how the ship swings during the journey, the UAV can achieve precise landing, which is also the difficulty of this technology." Ren Bin said that previously, such technologies have mostly appeared in foreign military UAV demonstrations

market development Sichuan enterprises try to change the industrial chain

the static exhibition area of the airshow, Sichuan tengdun Technology Co., Ltd. showed a newly released "big guy" - a UAV with a wingspan of 26 meters, a length of 14.5 meters and a height of 4 meters

this UAV named TC is a general-purpose, modular support UAV, which is composed of two fuselages side by side, with a large vacant area between them. "Cargo pods can be installed here, and remote sensing pods and delivery pods can be easily replaced." According to the relevant person in charge of the company, not only that, this UAV can also be installed with a water take-off and landing buoy to transform into a "water plane". According to the person in charge, the TC UAV is expected to make its first flight next year and deliver the next year

at this air show, the x-chimera UAV (XC) of Sichuan Aoshi Technology Co., Ltd. made its debut in China for the first time. This model was completed at the Farnborough air show in Britain in July During operation, it is strictly forbidden to lower the pressure plate beyond the specified stroke of the piston, which has become the first show. "Like TC, XC is a dual fuselage design, but the difference is size." Dr. Guoliang, executive chairman of thx UAV system developer alliance, said that XC is a pure electric vertical take-off and landing UAV with the largest load ratio at the same level in China, "it can fly for 4 hours after being charged once."

Guo Liang introduced that XC can intelligently identify a variety of load devices, and can continue to complete different tasks by simply switching, so as to realize multi-purpose and multi-function of one machine. "With the full system, the trunk of an SUV can be lowered, and the preparations before takeoff can be completed by two people in 10 minutes."

while solving users' pain points, private enterprises in Sichuan are also trying to change the entire industrial chain. The relevant person in charge of tengdun technology said that in their industrial layout, enterprises only focus on general assembly, design, and can complete cutting, shearing, compression resistance, Brinell hardness, wood hardness, bending resistance, modulus of elasticity, number of rounds per cm of wood, flight test and other links. All other aspects are outsourced, and the sharing mechanism is also adopted for R & D costs. "The R & D expenses related to supporting products should be borne by yourself, and then benefit from the future mass production." It is understood that the enthusiasm of private enterprises participating in it is very high. □ Zhu Xueli (editor in charge: yuanhanling, Gao Hongxia)

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