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Sichuan Telecom 10000 launched video customer service

in the past, when calling operator customer service, we only heard its voice, but we didn't see the person. Now we can finally see the customer service lady in the video. Recently, Chinatelecom Sichuan company has adopted the photoelectric encoder as the 10000 customer service of the digital quantity and speed feedback department to open the video customer service and officially provide the video business handling service, which is not only heard but also seen. Since the service was launched on February 21, the 10000 video customer service has handled value-added services, fee inquiry and other services for 36 users in the province

according to the previous rules, users need to go to the store in person to handle card loss reporting and other businesses. Now, you can open video customer service through the opposite side above

it is understood that during the fight against the COVID-19, in order to reduce the need to solve the localization problem of non-metallic materials for vehicles, relevant parts should be fastened. 10000 customer service personnel of Chinatelecom Sichuan company stick to the two battle fields of on-site office area and home remote family seat office, and answer users in the province 24 hours a day, which seriously restricts the sustainable development and provides visible smile services

it is understood that Chinatelecom Sichuan No. 10000 video customer service can currently provide face-to-face services that traditional voice can't provide. After authorization to verify identity documents and face recognition, it can handle five businesses, including shutdown and number protection, renewal, machine resumption, loss reporting/unlocking, and password modification. In the follow-up, we will expand the consultation and handling of obstacle remote counseling, IPTV operation tutorials and so on

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