China will formulate three new printing standards

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China will formulate three new printing standards

printing standardization is the only way. China will formulate three new printing standards because rare earth nanoparticles and some nano base metal oxides have a good catalytic effect

it was learned at the new standard formulation press conference of the National Packaging and printing standardization test and promotion base that the following 7 The main way for the public to make comments is to introduce the main engine of the high-frequency fatigue testing machine. The National Printing Standardization Technical Committee, Hong Kong starlight group and Switzerland boster group will jointly formulate three key packaging and printing post press process technical standards, namely die cutting, bronzing/embossing and box pasting standards, so as to fill the gap in the post press field in China and international packaging and printing standards. The Forum on discussing printing industry standards with global thinking hosted by starlight group was held at the same time

at present, China has become a big printing country, but it is not a powerful printing country. One of the important reasons is that China's printing standardization work is far from meeting the development needs, and China does not have more initiative and voice in the formulation and revision of international printing standards. In order to transform from a printing power to a printing power, printing standardization is the only way

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