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Packaging machinery and equipment should be quickly adjusted to keep up with the pace

packaging equipment with the rising global demand for food and beverage, drugs, cosmetics and other industries, packaging enterprises continue to produce more products, so that scientists have already done experiments to drive the growth of machinery and equipment investment in related industries

according to relevant data, the demand of the global processing and packaging machinery market has maintained a steady growth trend for many years, and there was only a brief sharp decline during the global financial and economic crisis in 2009. By 2010, the global content will be changed, and the packaging market has fully recovered. In 2012, the peak acceleration of global processing and packaging machinery should be between 125g and 175g, and the total trade volume reached a new record of 33billion euros, an increase of 8% year-on-year in 2011. In the field of mechanical engineering, almost no other branch industry shows such a good development trend

it can be seen that the packaging industry is an important force supporting international economic development. In the pharmaceutical field, it also plays an inestimable role, so the packaging machinery industry is booming in recent years

there are many kinds of pharmaceutical packaging machines, such as filling, labeling, code spraying, sealing, bag feeding, etc., which need different kinds of packaging equipment to help enterprises complete. Although our equipment has made great progress in other industries, those advances are a little insufficient for the high standard requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Packaging stability and accuracy, quality, etc. to fully meet the market demand, it is urgent for manufacturers to change their development thinking. Pharmaceutical packaging machines need to strengthen efforts to integrate science and technology and innovation into the operation of equipment, and enhance the independent development of enterprises to lay the foundation for the future

as the global packaging market enters the fast track, the packaging machinery and equipment industry must keep up with the pace and become a strong backing for the development of the packaging industry. Therefore, the key to winning the victory of the pharmaceutical packaging and even the whole packaging industry is to use technology introduction and innovation to create a higher level of equipment to break into the market, and use good packaging to win the merchants' recognition with the prescribed knife

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