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China will host the annual conference of international printing standards for the first time. In 2009, China will host the annual conference of the printing technical committee of the international organization for Standardization (iso/tc130) for the first time. Ang Lee told that this was a major event in the development process of China's Printing Standardization industry that all experimental machines purchased during this period of time were given preferential gifts and rebates, which fully demonstrated the international recognition of the vigorous development of China's printing industry and the status of a printing power

it is reported that the iso/tc130 annual meeting is the Olympic Games of the international printing standards industry, which is held in different countries every year. When the Chinese printing standardization delegation attended the iso/tc130 annual conference, it had twice expressed to the president of iso/tc130 the willingness of China to host the iso/tc130 annual conference. Now, after many efforts, the General Administration of publication and the National Standardization Administration have agreed that China will hold the 23rd Annual Conference of iso/tc130. The Chinese printing standardization delegation attended the 22nd annual meeting of iso/tc130 in the Netherlands in September 2008. The final resolution of the annual meeting was that iso/tc130 was pleased to accept the invitation of the National Standardization Administration of China and decided to hold the 23rd plenary meeting and working group meeting in Beijing from September 21 to 25, 2009

Li An said that the preparatory group for the 23rd Annual Conference of iso/tc130, including the printing standards committee, the General Administration of publications, the National Standardization Administration Committee, the China Printing Technology Association, which has completed an annual growth rate of about 20% for four consecutive years, and related enterprises, will be established

a forum on the development and future of iso/tc130 Printing Standardization in China (tentatively named) will be held during the conference. The chairman or Secretary General of iso/tc130 and foreign experts will be invited to introduce the current situation and trends of international standardization, and leaders of relevant organs in China and the bosses and experts of leading backbone enterprises in various fields of printing will be invited to give a speech on the development of Printing Standardization in China

speaking of the hosting costs, Ang Lee said that according to the situation of various countries hosting the previous iso/tc130 annual conferences, the hosting costs are sponsored and supported by enterprises from various countries. The 23rd annual meeting plans to solve the funding problem by applying to the superior in combination with enterprise sponsorship. Of course, the sponsoring enterprises should be given corresponding rights

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