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Packaging assembly line automation is the guarantor of food safety

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core tip: packaging is food, which makes material manufacturers face the requirement of providing materials with higher strength and lighter quality. In the production of products, automated packaging assembly line is also the professional equipment of packaging production, Therefore, the automatic packaging line can be said to be the guarantor of food safety and plays an important role in food safety

[China Packaging News] packaging is an indispensable link in food production, and the automatic packaging assembly line is the professional equipment of packaging production, so the automatic packaging assembly line can be said to play an important role in food safety as a guarantor of food safety

with the change of people's consumption concept, the demand for products is not only simple quality assurance, but also external packaging, in which automated packaging lines play a role that cannot be ignored. It can be said that the properties of the packaging integrated experimental machine industry, which has been developed for several decades in China, maintain human health and safety. Non toxicity and pollution-free are the main purpose of green packaging. From the selection of easily processed packaging materials to the selection of biodegradable packaging materials; Save raw materials from packaging design and choose pollution-free packaging materials; Choosing renewable packaging materials is the scope of consideration for green packaging. According to such characteristics, the design of packaging scheme can not only ensure the quality of products, but also increase the added value of commodities. By increasing the exhibition price of commodities, we can directly obtain value, so as to achieve the combination of science, rationality, beauty and generosity

in the food industry, packaging can be said to be a crucial point of sale, which has an important impact on the safety and health of products, and is an important part of product production, in which the role of packaging equipment can not be ignored. The standardization, rationalization and standardization of packaging specifications can not only protect food, facilitate transportation, loading and unloading, storage, but also improve sales volume and make profits for enterprises, so the automatic packaging line should do its job well. 1. Experimental instruments for non-metallic materials; Work, do a good job as a guarantor of food safety, better serve the majority of consumers, let people eat safe and satisfactory food, and ensure safety

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