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China's packaging machinery industry is moving towards intelligent development

after years of market development, our country has changed from a big country in the use of packaging machinery to a big country in the manufacturing of packaging machinery. Our next step is to transform to a powerful country in packaging machinery. In the past, there was a serious situation of single machine in our domestic equipment, which also curbed the development of the whole packaging machinery industry to a certain extent. Now, if we want to be strong in our domestic equipment, The support of supporting technology is urgently needed to completely improve the situation of single machine. The research and development of the whole packaging and filling production line has become a trend of the development of the whole packaging industry

at present, the domestic packaging machinery industry still maintains a state of rapid development, but the unreasonable industrial structure has hindered the development of the industry. The result is that the component can easily bear the mechanical load related to the start-up process, which lags behind the development of the industry. After long-term market expansion, the industry has entered the adjustment and establishment of the compensation and utilization mechanism of new materials and the stabilizer of integration, which also increases the difficulty of change. However, the dependence of large-scale production and packaging lines on imports urgently needs to be improved. At the same time, the excessive dependence on imports in technology has been a big stone preventing domestic packaging machines from moving towards the international market. The continuous and stable situation has become a continuous block. How should the packaging machinery industry break through the siege and move towards the path of innovative development

compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap in our domestic packaging machinery. We also need to constantly improve the technology of equipment. Now we have also strengthened the training of talents in this field. Some well-known universities have opened corresponding majors, and many large well-known domestic manufacturers have independent R & D capabilities, so that our equipment can be higher, And our country now also gives high evaluation to the scientific research results, and gives strong financial support. The composite phenolic foam board developed by most domestic enterprises has been tested by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center, which will enable Chinese brands to ride the world in the future

insiders pointed out that the packaging machinery cartoning machine has gradually shown its strong development momentum towards high-end, and the automation and intelligence of the equipment will be greatly improved. Therefore, domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers are about to face the test of accelerating capacity restructuring and integrated upgrading

pharmaceutical packaging machinery plays a key role in the quality, shelf life, sales, circulation, use and cost of drugs. More and more attention has been paid to the research and development of pharmaceutical packaging machinery at home and abroad, especially in Europe and the United States. With the continuous expansion of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, traditional packaging equipment can no longer meet the needs of the rapid development of the industry

with the introduction of GMP compulsory certification system in China, various requirements for domestic drug production have been greatly improved, and the demand for automated and intelligent high-end pharmaceutical packaging machinery has also been stimulated by local pharmaceutical enterprises. Under the changing trend of the general environment, only packaging machines that are diversified and have multiple switching functions and can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and mold replacement can meet the needs of the market

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