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Next year, China will implement a market access system for 28 categories of food. In 2006, when people buy food, they will first determine whether it has a blue and white "QS" logo. This morning, the relevant person in charge of the AQSIQ disclosed at the national food industry economic operation meeting that by the end of next year, China will implement the market access system for all 28 categories of food

"QS" is a symbol of the quality and safety of the food access system implemented nationwide. It is not only the "ticket" for products to enter the market, but also an important certificate for citizens to distinguish whether food quality and safety can be achieved. At present, China's food is divided into 28 categories, including rice, wheat flour, edible oil, soy sauce and vinegar, which have taken the lead in implementing QS food access; Meat products, dairy products, convenience food, quick-frozen food, beverages, condiments, puffed food and other 10 categories of food can also basically complete the access system by the end of this year. At present, the relevant national departments are formulating the market access system for the remaining 13 categories of products. By the end of next year, how will all the steel bar bending experimental machines in China be revised under normal use and protection conditions? Products can be fully implemented market access

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