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Packaging - the best marketing means for small and medium-sized enterprises

are you still in the old thinking era of good wine and deep alleys

the answer of most entrepreneurs must be No. the importance of marketing to enterprises has long been recognized by Chinese enterprises. More and more marketing methods are well known to people and are widely used at any cost. Enterprise marketing has entered a large and all-round era

are you staying in this big and comprehensive marketing era at all costs? Large advertisements, celebrity marketing activities, large-scale Title events, which make large enterprises spend a lot of money, often deter small and medium-sized enterprises from their huge input and output comparison. Small and medium-sized enterprises should have their own marketing thinking and look for suitable marketing means under the direction of low cost and high income. This means is the packaging in terminal promotion. As the iconic super sports car under General Motors Group, the terminal promotion of

is not only a routine market behavior that must be faced, but also the most direct and effective link of marketing means. In the traditional 4P concept of terminal marketing, product selection, price strategy, place and promotion can be said to be indispensable and complementary. Now, the terminal marketing theory has ushered in the fifth p-package, and this most conventional concept has been reintroduced and paid enough attention

after careful market research, the marketing analysis experts of DuPont, a world-renowned chemical enterprise, put forward the famous DuPont law, that is, 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging of goods. Taking supermarket purchases as an example, people are attracted by exquisite packaging, and the number of goods purchased usually exceeds 45% of the original plan. It can be seen that the first impression of packaging as a commodity will be the most direct and powerful projection to consumers, and will affect the psychological balance in the purchase process

compared with other marketing methods, packaging is first of all the cost that must be paid, that is, no matter whether the enterprise carries out the market promotion that may cause mold sticking due to the thermal expansion of steel, it must pay this part of investment. Secondly, in view of its influence on the final consumer group, packaging is also the most effective marketing method advertising. For small and medium-sized enterprises, especially FMCG enterprises, packaging can be said to be important. Chinese traditional festivals have always been the profits of FMCG enterprises, and since the National Day holiday, festivals have begun to be densely distributed. With small investment in packaging effect, they have won a big return on sales growth and brand value-added. They can be called the best choice for FMCG small and medium-sized enterprises in the current situation

after determining packaging as a marketing means, it is necessary to clarify what kind of packaging is effective. The solution is to check whether the communication line between the computer and the experimental machine falls off; Check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; Check whether the sensor has been hit during the recent experiment or keyboard operation; Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software is used before the problem occurs; Check whether the calibration value, calibration value or other information in hardware parameters have been manually changed

modern packaging is no longer limited to the container function of goods, but also undertakes the function of promotion. Professional planning and design are required in its modeling structure, graphic design and advertising copy. A successful package must have the following three basic characteristics, namely, accurate logo, appropriate image and personality differences

a mark is to a commodity what a name is to an individual. The product has no logo or good logo, that is, if the same person has no name or the name is too plain, it is difficult to leave an impression. Even if such goods sell well for a while, they are difficult to grow and can only be a flash in the pan, and do not have long-term market vitality. A good commodity logo is not just a combination of symbols or graphics, but an accurate embodiment of commodity value and brand connotation. For FMCG small and medium-sized enterprises, accurate signs not only have communication significance, but also can undertake direct promotion, such as the mascots for new year's festivals, which often play a surprise effect on festival promotion

the focus of packaging image is to adjust measures to local conditions. The business positioning, pricing strategy and consumer segmentation strategy of products need to be grasped from an overall perspective and reflected through packaging. In other words, products with high positioning, high quality and high pricing must be accompanied by highly exquisite packaging, so that consumers can have positive associations with commodities through packaging. Fast moving consumer goods also have the characteristics of keeping pace with the times. If we can launch the corresponding Festival gift packaging in conjunction with the new year's festival on the premise of ensuring the continuity of commodity and brand connotation, it is bound to play a good role in promoting sales

personality difference is the focus and difficulty of commodity packaging. Excellent commodity packaging must meet the basic characteristics of this category, but at the same time, it needs to be out of the routine to distinguish from similar competitive commodities. In the market economy environment, the competition of commodities has long been divorced from the essence of their products. In fact, the use of some materials has generally risen to the level of brand value, and so has commodity packaging. Please imagine the following: product a and product B, which are similar in nature. The former spends a large budget on advertising, ignores the packaging effect, and only comes out in mediocre or even slightly rough packaging; Product B will invest a limited budget in the planning and design of packaging, and launch exquisite and fashionable festival clothes in conjunction with the new year's festival. The products on the market will surprise consumers at first sight. Product a and product B are on the same shelf in the supermarket. Which one would you choose? Must it be the advertised a

the conclusion is not certain. For enterprises, the expensive advertising expenses can not arouse much storm in the advertising war. On the contrary, if you invest in effective packaging, you will receive unexpected results and returns. In the context of the global financial crisis, the purchase mode of fast-moving consumer goods has changed from active consumption to passive consumption, and most consumers have invested their purchasing power in essential consumer goods. At this time, the effect of the advertising mode, which mainly causes active consumption, will be affected; On the contrary, if terminal packaging is used to attract target consumers, the effect will be more direct. Modern marketing has the concept of eyeball economy, that is, to attract the attention of consumers, realize the cognition of commodities and brands, and further consumption and purchase. Packaging has a strong influence on consumers' purchasing behavior, so enterprises must be good at using the marketing role of packaging to complete the promotion of goods and brand building. For small and medium-sized enterprises with limited marketing budgets, packaging is not only the best weapon for terminal sales, but also the most affordable window for shaping brands. It can be called a classic method of leveraging big interests with small levers

the era of good wine without fear of deep alleys has long passed

the era of large and comprehensive marketing also shows some signs of weakness

what era are we going to go to next

we have reason to believe that a post packaging era with simplicity, low investment and high efficiency is coming

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