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Packaging: a powerful tool for product differentiation in the lubricant industry

the rapid development of China's automotive industry has created conditions for the development of China's lubricant industry, and the lubricant market is showing vitality. From the 1990s to today, China's lubricant market has experienced from the monopoly of international lubricant brands to the state-owned brands of domestic enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec and uni president, and many private local brands, forming a three legged competitive situation. There is no doubt that the competition in the lubricating oil market will become increasingly fierce. Only by constantly integrating their brand advantages and differentiating their products, can lubricating oil enterprises stand out in the competition

successful products are often products with both spirit and form. The so-called God is the brand image of products, which is reflected through accurate market positioning and effective marketing strategies; The so-called shape is the functionality and aesthetics of the product, that is, the value that consumers get from the use of Korean 3 stars, which has invested a lot of research and development efforts. How to differentiate products from God and form is the key to the success of domestic and foreign lubricant enterprises in the market. As the only carrier that can be seen by consumers and represent product quality, packaging has become more and more advantageous in the competition and has become one of the effective tools for product differentiation

at present, the packaging of automotive lubricants on the market is mainly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic barrels, with a volume of 4 liters. The way of labeling is mainly self-adhesive stickers, and some domestic brands use in mold labeling to improve the image of their high-end production targets for the recycling of various packaging materials every year as affirmed in the agreement. The shape design of the package basically adopts the square can body with upper handle, side handle or upper double handle. With its mature products and market experience, international brand lubricants are mainly high-end products that have been mature for many years in the domestic market. The packaging design of these products is the classic barrel type with copyright. This universal design makes the packaging of its products truly speak for products, so that consumers can recognize products wherever they go as long as they see the packaging. This is also the reason why several global lubricant brands attach so much importance to packaging, and use product packaging with brand personality as an invisible promoter of products

the contribution of packaging to improving the competitiveness of lubricating oil products mainly includes two aspects. First of all, packaging can improve the brand image of products. Excellent packaging is not simply the use of the most advanced packaging materials, but a harmonious combination of the shape, color and label design of the packaging container to make it conform to the internal quality of the product, reflect the positioning of the product, and bring a more convenient and clean way of use to users. Secondly, packaging can maximize the appearance differentiation of products. The color selection of lubricating oil packaging reflects this. Proper color selection can not only make products stand out from many competitive brands, but also reflect the functional characteristics of products. For example, products with higher lubricating oil quality (API) often choose stable and noble colors, such as blue, gray, gold, silver, etc. lubricating oil products and diesel engine oil used in winter often choose strong colors such as black, and white is most often used for products with outstanding cleaning ability. Internationally, different shades of the same color system are also used as the packaging of a series of products to reflect the stability of product quality and distinguish different positioning of products

in today's lubricant market, enterprises often pay attention to the quality performance of products and the strength of market promotion; However, facing a rapidly rising market with increasingly heated competition, only from the perspective of consumer demand, can we constantly differ our products from all aspects and improve the overall brand image. Therefore, we need to replace and inspect regularly in order to fully obtain market competitiveness

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