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The packaging machinery industry is generally running well

recently, the fourth annual meeting of the fourth council of China food and packaging machinery industry association was held in Wenzhou. About 500 representatives from the teaching, scientific research, production and industry management departments of packaging and food machinery from all over the country attended the meeting

he Nanzhi, executive vice president of China food and packaging machinery association, made a speech on the summary of work in 2008. When talking about the industry situation, he said: in 2008, the international financial crisis had a great impact on the economies of all countries, and China's economy was also impacted. However, China's food and packaging machinery industry generally operates well. In 2008, the annual industrial sales value was 126.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 27.84%, including 71.7 billion yuan for food machinery and 54.5 billion yuan for packaging machinery, which was the fastest growing year in recent years. Every 14 Host size: 430*315*855msi0.29m, with a year-on-year increase of more than 20%. The production and sales rate of the whole industry reached 97%. In 2008, the output value of new products was 5.794 billion yuan, an increase of 18.72% year-on-year compared with 2007, down from the previous year, but the total profit increased by 37.75% compared with the previous year. Affected by the melamine incident, although dairy equipment manufacturing enterprises have been affected to a certain extent (almost no orders in the second half of the year), they have not suffered large losses. Many enterprises have made great efforts in developing new products, and a number of new products with leading technology have emerged in the industry. For example, the vacuum packaging machine without vacuum chamber developed by Chaozhou Zhixing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is faster than the vacuum packaging production line with vacuum chamber in Germany (advanced model). Under the same packaging quality, its energy consumption is only 12% of that of Germany, and its floor area is only 1/3 of that of Germany, which has obvious advantages over other domestic models; The heavy bag automatic packaging production line developed by Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has completed the whole line from bag loading, packaging, stacking to winding without human intervention; The 4-liter aseptic cold filling production line developed by Langfang Baiguan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has been in normal use for more than half a year, which is also unique in the world. He Nanzhi also introduced the work of the association, exhibition information, international exchanges, industry services and the construction of the association

during the conference, the industry forum planned by the sponsor China food and packaging machinery industry association was particularly exciting for improvement, transcendence and development. The representative of the packaging machinery branch of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute made a keynote speech on "the development countermeasures of packaging machinery enterprises in the challenge"; Chairman Li Shujun made a keynote speech on the development of packaging and food machinery in China; Liu Wenxiu, deputy general manager of China National Packaging and Food Machinery Corporation, made a keynote speech on "developing agricultural product processing equipment and promoting the construction of a new socialist countryside with beneficial factors"; The representative of Siemens made a keynote speech on "win win cooperation between Siemens and packaging machinery industry"

The two co organizers of the conference, shenyongxian, chairman of Zhongtian Haoyu Technology Co., Ltd., and jiangdefu, chairman of Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd., introduced the development history of the enterprise. When talking about the development conditions of the enterprise, chairman Jiang Defu used the metaphor of the relationship between the development of the enterprise and the social environment. Without the policy of reform and opening up, the development of the national economic situation, and the development of upstream and downstream enterprises, there would be no Hualian today. His thoughts summarized the current situation of all developing enterprises in China

During the meeting, the representatives also made a field visit to the two enterprises

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