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There is a huge market space in the Middle East for packaging machinery

from the "Middle East and Africa packaging plastic machinery exhibition" held in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, the Middle East packaging plastic machinery market needs to be developed. China's packaging machinery has certain advantages in this market. Under the background of significant changes in market demand structure and macroeconomic environment, the advantage lies in affordable prices

according to the survey, the marketable models of packaging machinery in the Middle East market are mainly: semi-automatic horizontal and vertical packaging machine, corrugated box production line, pet (polyester ethylene) plastic bottle production line, soap horizontal packaging machine, horizontal filling and sealing machine for cheese and butter, and cream canning machine, which reached 9.96 billion yuan in 2015. The demand for machine continues to grow. At present, the market share of packaging equipment in various countries in Egypt is 30% in Egypt, 18% in Italy, 15% in Chinese Mainland, 10% in Germany, 8% in Spain, 5% in the United States, 5% in the United Kingdom, 5% in India, 2% in Taiwan, where biodegradable ingredients are produced first, and 4% in other countries. It can be seen that there is still much room for China to inspect the packaging machinery of oil delivery valve countries

source: Jinyang private economic news

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