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In the era of big data, mobile application marketing is "data-based"

you may have had such an experience. On Monday morning, when you open your computer, hundreds of new emails are waiting to be processed; Look around on the subway. Most of the people are holding iPads, chatting, dealing with work, experiencing various applications, watching videos, and places of work and entertainment follow them to "move"; Before, we passively accepted the information posted on the Internet. Now we are more and more involved in interaction through social tools such as Weibo and SNS, and even publish information ourselves... These details tell you that you have unknowingly entered the era of big data

ugc+ mobile Internet, the era of big data brings new challenges to developers

the Internet industry is "changed" every 5 or 6 years. In the Web1.0 era, such forces typically use hammers or pressure to enable users to obtain information through the browser. Stations benefit from huge click traffic, and the transmission of information is one-way. In the Web2.0 era, Facebook, twitter and others have set off a wave of socialization, and reconstructed the traditional three-party roles in the digital marketing industry chain

nowadays, with colorful styles and personalized customization, the combination of UGC and mobile Internet drives the arrival of the era of big data. What is the era of big data? Users can generate massive amounts of information anytime and anywhere, and "big data" is not only an increase in the amount of data, but also from a variety of data sources. Larry Weber, the author of the global best-selling book social consumption network marketing, believes that the so-called big data includes user transaction data of enterprise informatization, user behavior data in social media, experimental data accuracy and relationship data, and geographic location data in wireless Internet

app developers need to comply with the trend of the times. In the face of huge and miscellaneous data, how to capture effective information? Dr. Chu min, head of cnzz "mobile data platform", also said: "The era of big data is the best time to listen to and understand users by collecting and analyzing data, but at the same time, how to integrate massive information insight and do personalized marketing is a more severe challenge for app developers.

seamless integration of technology and marketing, mobile application marketing is data-based

with the advent of the era of big data in the Internet field, the marketing field has also experienced major changes, from the era of" USP unique sales proposition "to" brand "The era, to today's consumer oriented. This means that app developers must embrace the changes of the era, from the previous common way of obtaining attention and downloads through search optimization, and gradually shift to user-oriented. User habits determine the direction of developers.

the era of big data is an era of seamless integration of technology and marketing. In the Internet industry, whoever has data and powerful computing power for massive data will have Winning weight. App marketing has become a "data job". App developers need to use technology and marketing to find their audience and understand their preferences among the massive mobile Internet users, so as to launch more accurately

relying on Alibaba cloud's powerful computing power and years of research and practical experience in the data field, cnzz launched the "mobile data platform" () to help app developers understand the value direction and achieve accurate delivery through the analysis and integration of data. Cnzz "mobile data platform" helps developers constantly improve their apps through rich and clear business indicators and easy-to-use multi-dimensional analysis; Through statistical analysis on a variety of time granularity, in-depth user behavior analysis, comprehensive trend analysis, comparison and timely error information collection, help developers portrait target users, easily grasp user preferences, habits and other information, improve user stickiness, and then bring higher profit returns

Dr. Chu min of cnzz said that we can dig out a lot of things from data. For the Internet industry, data is everything! "Mobile data platform" meets the severe challenges brought by the big data era with app developers, and also helps app developers embrace the infinite opportunities behind the challenges

in the era of big data, we should listen, because this is the golden age of data collection; In the era of big data, we should understand that transforming data into effective information has become the primary task; In the era of big data, we need to act more, because large-scale personalized marketing based on playing with "data" will be the core competitiveness! Communication world

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